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William Story born Abt. 1744 was the first Tennessee settler that was the ancestor to the Story's of Macon, Trousdale and Sumner Counties, more particularly to the families of the Green Grove area and the northwestern section of Trousdale County known as Storytown. William Story was born in North Carolina. The particular county is not known at this time. William married Ann Rickman, a sister to Mark (Marcus) Rickman, an early settler and Revolutionary War soldier in the Templow area.

William possibly came to Tennessee along with the Rickmans. He did not live very long after arriving. On Apr. 8 1799, William Story bought 50 acres from William Lauderdale on the west fork of  Goose Creek. In November the same year William died, leaving five children, James B., Elizabeth (Betsey), Nancy (Ann) and Sarah (Sallie). The other child is not known but appears to have been one of the older or oldest child.

About 1803, Mark Rickman was appointed by the courts to be legal guardian of James, Elizabeth and Nancy Story and James Sanders was appointed guardian for Sarah Story. Mark Rickman died in 1805 and by 1806 James B. Story had become at least the age of 16, so the courts of Sumner County appointed Nathan Rickman, brother of Mark, guardian for Elizabeth and Nancy Story.

After William's death, his widow, Ann Rickman Story had re-married the second time to John Harrison on Apr. 8, 1800. Elizabeth Story was born 26 Feb. 1792 and married Isaac Leath on 11 Oct. 1809 in Sumner County. Elizabeth is buried about 2 miles up Harris Branch road on the old Charlie Leath place. One of their daughters, Mary "Polly" Leath was born ca. 1813 and married Joseph Vance. She was killed by guerrilla soldiers during the Civil War and is buried in same location as Elizabeth.

Sallie Story married Richard Sanders 7 Jan. 1804 also in Sumner County.
No information is known about this family.

James B. Story born about 1789 and married Nancy Watson 29 Sep. 1808. Apparently, he as the only son to carry the Story name on. Nancy Watson, his wife, was born about 1793. Both were born in North Carolina. James was the bondsman to the marriage of Samuel Watson and Nancy Vance on 18 Mar. 1822.  Having several children, one was James (Pap) Story my 3rd great grandfather born 10 Mar. 1815 and died 12 Jan. 1911. He married Jane M. Lauderdale in Sumner County on 11 Sep. 1837.

Rebecca A. Story born Jan. 1833 married Ephriam Stinson of Macon County and having three children, Benjamin A., Manerva L. and Charles W. Stinson.  Martha C. Story born about 1839 married Wilson M. Stinson and later Jordan Creasy.

Samuel Story born about 1820 married Gabrilla Jones and they later divorced in 1854. Gabrilla retained custody of their five children, Mary, Hendersohn, Milly J., Houston, and Jefferson B. Later, Gabrilla married Claiborn Marshall.

William (Judge) Story born 27 Jan. 1814 died 9 Apr. 1904 married Mary Kerley 16 Jan. 1835. They were the parents of eleven children.

Benjamin Story was born 26 Apr.1828 and died 31 Jul. 1902, married Mary B. Harris and later Julia Norman. Benjamin and Mary did not have any children but he and Julia had two daughters, Ester and Pearlie. He and his
first wife Mary are buried on Harris Branch road in a small cemetery with his brother Jimmy (Pap) Story and his wife Jane.

Minerva born about 1823 married Hezekiah Clark and their children were Mary E. Clark who married Daniel Kerley, and Alfred H. Clark, and Johnathan G. Clark.

The other children of James B. Story and Nancy Stinson are not known at  this time.
Bill Overton

The Story ancestors of macon, Trousdale and Sumner Counties in Tennessee can be found in Pennsylvania and Virginia.  James Story (b. 1727, Augusta County, Va) md. Sarah Carter.  Their children were listed in the Will of James Story as sons: William, John, James and George.  The daughters were Elizabeth, Martha and Sarah.  Sarah's will of 16 May 1790, also names the children. William was executor, the will was probated Aug 1796 in Halifax County, NC.

William Story received land from his mother and from service,  with his brother, in the North Carolina Continetal line.  They were in the Warrenton North Carolina militia.  William sold these lands and with his family, wife Anne (Rickman), son James B. and daughters Elizabeth, Nancy and Sarah moved to then Sumner county, TN.  Others came with them, Mark Rickman, Nathan Rickman, James Carter and Jhn Mallard.  All are listed in the North Carolina census of 1784-1787.

In April 1799 William purchased 50 acres from William Lauderdale on the west fork of Goose Creek.  In November of that same year William died.  His widow Anne married John Harrison April 1800.  Elizabeth married Isaac Leath in 1809.  Sarah married Richard Sanders in 1804.  It is unknown about Nancy.

James B. Story was the only son and in Sep 1808 he married Nancy Watson.  Their childen were Rebecca, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, America, Nancy, Minerva, James, Benjamin, William and Samuel Story.

By Ray Thorpe

Descendants of William Story

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM1 STORY was born Abt. 1763 in North Carolina, and died November 1799 in Sumner County, Tennessee.  He married ANN RICKMAN Abt. 1788 in North Carolina, daughter of ROBERT RICKMAN and BOYCE TATUM.

1830 Sumner County, Tennessee Census, Don't know if any connection
1026 STORRY, JAMES 1111001 231201

Children of WILLIAM STORY and ANN RICKMAN are:
 ii. SARAH STORY, b. 1785; d. 1851, Ash Springs, Harrison Co., TX; m. RICHARD SANDERS, January 07, 1804, Sumner Co., TN.
 iii. JAMES B. STORY, b. Abt. 1789, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, Macon Co, Tn; m. NANCY WATSON.
2. iv. ELIZABETH S. STORY, b. February 26, 1792, Halifax Co., North Carolina; d. March 26, 1878, Trousdale Co., Tn.

Generation No. 2

2.  ELIZABETH S.2 STORY (WILLIAM1) was born February 26, 1792 in Halifax Co., North Carolina, and died March 26, 1878 in Trousdale Co., Tn.  She married ISAAC LEATH October 11, 1809 in Sumner Co., TN.

Buried in Leath Cem. Trousdale Co. TN

Notes for ISAAC LEATH:
1850 Census Macon Co
Leath, Issac 63 M Farmer NC
           Elizabeth 58 F NC
            Charles 19 M Farmer NC
            Permeila 19 F NC
            Nancy G. 4 F NC
Not listed in the 1860  Macon Co census

Buried in Trousdale Co. TN

 i. MARTHA3 LEATH, b. 1809; m. ARCHIBALD BRUICE, October 06, 1836.
 ii. THOMAS LEATH, b. Abt. 1810.
 iii. MARY (POLLY) LEATH, b. Abt. 1813, Sumner Co. TN; m. JOSEPH VANCE, September 21, 1835.

Killed by Guerilla Soldiers During the Civil War

 iv. COLEMAN LEATH, b. July 22, 1815, NC; d. February 05, 1875, Macon Co., TN; m. MARY COLE, January 18, 1836.

buried Creasu Cem Macon Co.TN

Notes for MARY COLE:
Buried Eulia Cem Macon Co. TN

 v. FEEMAN W. LEATH, b. Abt. 1816, Sumner Co. TN; d. Aft. 1880; m. MARY WILLIS.
 vi. ALICE LEATH, b. 1817, Sumner Co. TN; d. September 14, 1854, Hawkins Co., TN; m. JOHN HICKS, Abt. 1836.
 vii. MALLIE LEATH, b. 1818, Sumner Co. TN; d. February 21, 1864, Macon Co. TN; m. CARROLL L. SHRUM, March 31, 1835, Smith Co TN.
 viii. MANERVA D. LEATH, b. March 14, 1823, Sunmer Co. TN; d. February 24, 1882, Macon Co., TN; m. DRURY A. COTHRON.
 ix. WILLIAM M. LEATH, b. August 22, 1825, Sumner Co. TN; d. January 13, 1899, Trousdale Co. TN; m. MARGARET WILSON.

Nickname Frostie

 x. MARY SUSANNAH LEATH, b. February 26, 1830, TN; d. October 19, 1912, Sumner Co. TN; m. JOHN ALLEN SHRUM, Abt. 1849, Macon Co., Tennessee.

Burial: Bd.@ Bethpage Cemetery

1850 Census Macon Co
Shrum,  John        20  M  Farmer   NC
             Susanna  21  F                NC

1860 Macon Co Census
Shrum, John Allen 30 M VA
              Susan 30 F TN
              John Thomas 9 M TN
              W.A. 8 F TN
               Martha 7 F TN
              Charles 4 M TN
               Issac 1 TN
1870 Macon Co Census
No John Allen Shrum listed

May have been in Civil War Shrum, John  TN 35th Inf. 3rd Co. F
Shrum, John  TN Conscr. (Cp. Of Instr.)

 xi. CHARLES COLEMAN SR. LEATH, b. May 22, 1832, Sumner Co. TN; d. May 01, 1916, Trousdale Co. TN; m. EMILY CAROLINE ELLIS.
 xii. PERMELIA J. LEATH, b. May 22, 1832; d. October 15, 1880, Trousdale Co. TN; m. JOHN C. HARGIS.

Shrum Family taken ca 1903 in Bethpage
Back Row L to R:
Burton Cox, Solomon Shrum, Ben Shrum, Henry Shrum

Front Row L to R:
Mary Ada (Shrum) Mince, Susannah (Leath) Shrum, Mary (Hargis) Shrum, Vinie (Hutchinson) Shrum, Willie Ann (Shrum) Templeton.

Early Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850,
taken from surviving original bonds and licenses.

Story, James  & Watson, Nancy September 29, 1808          Bondsmen were  John Mills & Tandy P. Duncan
Story, James  & Lauderdale, Jane M. September 11,  1837
Sanders, Richard & Storey, Sally 7 January 1804                 Bondsman was  William Cathey
Storey, Sally  & Sanders, Richard 7 January 1804                     Bondsman Cathey, William
Story, Ann &  Harrison, John 13 August 1800                     Bondsman  Giles, Josiah E.
Story, Elizabeth  & Leath, Isaac 11 October 1809                 Bondsman Carter, William
Story, Minervia  & Clark, Hezekiah 21 December 1842             Bondsman Henry, William
Watson, Samuel & Vance, Nancy March 18, 1822                 Bondsman was James Story

1830 Sumner County, Tennessee Census
1026 STORRY, JAMES 1111001 231201
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
1 male 11-15
1 male 16-20
1 male 41-50
2 female under 5
3 female 6-10
1 female 11-15
2 female 16-20
1 female 31-40

James "Pap" Story, better known as Jimmy Story was one of several children of James H. Story and Nancy Watson.  Pap was born 10 Mar. 1816 died 12 Jan. 1911.  He married Jane M. Lauderdale, 27 Oct. 1815- 9 Dec. 1887.  They were married in Sumner County on 11 Sep. 1837 and are buried about 2 miles up on Harris Branch road.  Stones are still standing.  I have been told that when Pap was in his nineties, he was still a very active and able man who actively participated in hog killing time. Pap and Jane were residents of the Storytown community and had at least five children that I know of but maybe more.
1. William R., my great-great grandfather, 6 Dec 1839-15 Dec 1922 married Martha Ann Ball, 10 Apr 1843-9 Aug 1928.
2.  Darthula Ann, 11 Jun 1842-4 Apr 1913 married Hiram T. Hall, 18 Sep 1836-4 Dec 1926.
3.   Mary E., 6 Jul 1838-14 Sep 1921 married William Cook, 13 Apr 1842-9 Aug 1926.
4. James S., 4 Nov 1848-8 Dec 1832 married Margaret Kerley.
5. John Lauderdale 13 Mar 1861-29 Jul 1910 married Mary A. Leath.

After Pap's first wife died in 1887, he married a second and third time to Mary Ellender Sullivan Meador Coker and Mary Cook respectively.  There were no children by these marriages that I know of.

William R Story and Martha Ann Ball were married in Sumner County on 24 Oct. 1860.  Martha was grand-daughter of Abner and Polly Ball and daughter of Young Ball and Mary Dalton.  Martha had two sisters Mary "Mallie" and Eliza and a brother James A. Ball.  James was a Sergeant n the Civil War and was fatally wounded at Richmond, KY and died 1 Sep 1862.  Mallie, 15 Oct 1847-17 Sep 1931 and married Benjamin Jones.  They had three children, Fannie, John and Lossie.  Mallie was killed when a sheep butted her to death.  William R. and Martha had seven children.
1. James Young "Squit", 21 1862-2 Mar 1930 married Ada Thurman then Belle Vance.
2. Mary Jane "Molly", 4 Sep 1864-21 Jun 1951 married Bill "Ike" Cothron.
3. John William "Billy", 10 Nov 1869-? married Maude Ferguson.
4. Martha Ann, 21 Dec 1870-23 Jul 1956 married Joseph Ira Meador.
5. Elizabeth, 12 Sep 1873-26 Jul 1961 never married.
6. Edgar "Pappy", 30 Aug 1879-13 Dec 1959 married Maude Etta Reed.
7. Elliot Albert "Shugg", 12 June 1884-5 Sep 1968 married Myrtle Neal Reed, a sister to Maude Etta Reed.

Both Pappy and Uncle Shugg were musically inclined.  Pappy played the fiddle and Uncle Shugg played the banjo.  I can remember Uncle Shugg's banjo playing very well.

    Edgar Story, my great-grandfather, and Maude had three daughters, Ethel Mae, Hattie and Lillie Belle.
    Lillie, 27 Dec 1905-26 Apr 1982 married Lonnie R. Williams and had only one daughter, Martha Evelyn.
    Hattie, 31 May1903-11 May 1957 married George William Wright and they had George W. Wright Jr., Sarah Reed Wright and Warren K. Wright.
    Ethel Mae, 10 Apr 1900-11 Jan 1979, my grand mother married William Bates Overton, 22 Dec 1882-3 Dec 1930 and they had eight children.
1. William Bates, Jr., 19 Nov 1917-10 Apr 1987 never married.
2. Bolton Reed Overton, 5 Jan 1919, my father, married Mary Lee McDonald.
3. Wardeen W., 1 May 1921, married Mary Ann Alred.
4. Edgar E., 11 Oct 1922 married Elsa?
5. Jewell V., 15 Feb 1924 married Roy Lovelady.
6. Elizabeth Ruth, 28 Feb 1925 married Robert McCullen.
7. Jack D., 14 Apr 1928 married Lorene Lambert.
8. Willene, 1 Apr 1921 married Tom King.

My parents Bolton and Mary Overton have two sons, Larry Overton, 13 Mar 1950 married Glenda Gail Gammon and myself, Bill Overton, 5 Sep 1955 married Sandra Kay Celsor.  We have two daughters, Melissa, 14 Apr 1983 and Keli, 1 Jun 1987.  My children are the ninth generation of Story descendants.

By Bill Overton - Trousdale County History Book

Cemetery on Harris Branch Road in Trousdale County, TN

While on a genealogy search I visited the Cemetery and found these graves still visible in March 2002.  There was evidence that more graves were hidden among the foliage, but they were broken and unreadable.
Here are the ones I could read.  Please be aware that I made have misread these old stones.

Jane M.
born Oct 27, 1815
died  Dec. 9, 1887
wife of James Story
James Story  Benjamin B. Story
born April 28, 1828
died July 31, 1902
Mary B. Harris
born April 14, 1826
died Jan 31, 1896
wife of Benjamin Story

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