Rickman Family

The Rickman Homeplace is still standing and owned by Bill and Sarah Cusak, across from the Willow Grove Methodist Church in the Templow Community of Trousdale County, Tennessee.
Robert and Boyce Tatum Rickman married before 1762 in Halifax County, North Carolina.  The Rickman family moved to Trousdale County by 1799.  They had 3 children; Ann, Marcus, and Nathan Rickman all born in North Carolina.

Descendants of Samuel Rickman

Generation No. 1


2. i. THOMAS2 RICKMAN, b. 1720; d. March 12, 1761, Halifax Co., Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2.  THOMAS2 RICKMAN (SAMUEL1) was born 1720, and died March 12, 1761 in Halifax Co., Virginia.  He married UNKNOWN.

The will of Thomas is dated 12 March 1761 and was presented in court on the 19th day of March 1761 by Robert Rickman. Thomas was from the Parish of Antrim in Halifax.
The will was found in Halifax County VA will book 1753-1772-Part I(pg 1-166). It says he was from the parish of Anhim. It mentions his sons Gideon, Christopher, Isaac, John, and Robert, and daughters Sarah, Rebeckah and Mary(Hudson). It also mentions a grandson Robert.

Children of THOMAS RICKMAN and UNKNOWN are:
3. i. ROBERT3 RICKMAN, b. 1735, NC or VA; d. 1775, Halifax, N.C..

Generation No. 3

3.  ROBERT3 RICKMAN (THOMAS2, SAMUEL1) was born 1735 in NC or VA, and died 1775 in Halifax, N.C..  He married BOYCE TATUM Bef. 1762 in Halifax County, North Carolina, daughter of NATHANIEL TATUM and EMELIA SCOTT.

1830 Sumner County, Tennessee Census, Don't know if any connection
784 RICHMAN, JAMES 000001 02001
1542 RICKMAN, JOSHUA 00003 000101001
1550 RICKMAN, SAMUEL 00001 0000101
1333 RICHMOND, JOHN 00001 000100001
1334 RICHMOND, MARY 2011 01101

4. i. ANN4 RICKMAN, b. Abt. 1767, North Carolina; d. West Goose Creek community, Trousdale Co, TN?.
5. ii. MARCUS RICKMAN, b. 1762; d. August 14, 1805, Willow Grove, TN.

Generation No. 4

4.  ANN4 RICKMAN (ROBERT3, THOMAS2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1767 in North Carolina, and died in West Goose Creek community, Trousdale Co, TN?.  She married (1) WILLIAM STORY Abt. 1788 in North Carolina.  She married (2) JOHN HARRISON April 08, 1800.

1830 Sumner County, Tennessee Census, Don't know if any connection
1026 STORRY, JAMES 1111001 231201

Children of ANN RICKMAN and WILLIAM STORY are:
 ii. SARAH STORY, b. 1785; d. 1851, Ash Springs, Harrison Co., TX; m. RICHARD SANDERS, January 07, 1804, Sumner Co., TN.
 iii. JAMES B. STORY, b. Abt. 1789, North Carolina; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, Macon Co, Tn; m. NANCY WATSON.
6. iv. ELIZABETH S. STORY, b. February 26, 1792, Halifax Co., North Carolina; d. March 26, 1878, Trousdale Co., Tn.

5.  MARCUS4 RICKMAN (ROBERT3, THOMAS2, SAMUEL1) was born 1762, and died August 14, 1805 in Willow Grove, TN.  He married MARY HARPER.

 ii. NANCY RICKMAN, b. 1797.

Generation No. 5

6.  ELIZABETH S.5 STORY (ANN4 RICKMAN, ROBERT3, THOMAS2, SAMUEL1) was born February 26, 1792 in Halifax Co., North Carolina, and died March 26, 1878 in Trousdale Co., Tn.  She married ISAAC LEATH October 11, 1809 in Sumner Co., TN.

Buried in Leath Cem. Trousdale Co. TN

Notes for ISAAC LEATH:
1850 Census Macon Co
Leath, Issac 63 M Farmer NC
           Elizabeth 58 F NC
            Charles 19 M Farmer NC
            Permeila 19 F NC
            Nancy G. 4 F NC
Not listed in the 1860  Macon Co census

Buried in Trousdale Co. TN

 i. MARTHA6 LEATH, b. 1809; m. ARCHIBALD BRUICE, October 06, 1836.
 ii. THOMAS LEATH, b. Abt. 1810.
 iii. MARY (POLLY) LEATH, b. Abt. 1813, Sumner Co. TN; m. JOSEPH VANCE, September 21, 1835.

Killed by Guerilla Soldiers During the Civil War

 iv. COLEMAN LEATH, b. July 22, 1815, NC; d. February 05, 1875, Macon Co., TN; m. MARY COLE, January 18, 1836.

buried Creasu Cem Macon Co.TN

Notes for MARY COLE:
Buried Eulia Cem Macon Co. TN

 v. FEEMAN W. LEATH, b. Abt. 1816, Sumner Co. TN; d. Aft. 1880; m. MARY WILLIS.
 vi. ALICE LEATH, b. 1817, Sumner Co. TN; d. September 14, 1854, Hawkins Co., TN; m. JOHN HICKS, Abt. 1836.
 vii. MALLIE LEATH, b. 1818, Sumner Co. TN; d. February 21, 1864, Macon Co. TN; m. CARROLL L. SHRUM, March 31, 1835, Smith Co TN.
 viii. MANERVA D. LEATH, b. March 14, 1823, Sunmer Co. TN; d. February 24, 1882, Macon Co., TN; m. DRURY A. COTHRON.
 ix. WILLIAM M. LEATH, b. August 22, 1825, Sumner Co. TN; d. January 13, 1899, Trousdale Co. TN; m. MARGARET WILSON.

Nickname Frostie

 x. MARY SUSANNAH LEATH, b. February 26, 1830, TN; d. October 19, 1912, Sumner Co. TN; m. JOHN ALLEN SHRUM, Abt. 1849, Macon Co., Tennessee.

Burial: Bd.@ Bethpage Cemetery

1850 Census Macon Co
Shrum,  John        20  M  Farmer   NC
             Susanna  21  F                NC

1860 Macon Co Census
Shrum, John Allen 30 M VA
              Susan 30 F TN
              John Thomas 9 M TN
              W.A. 8 F TN
               Martha 7 F TN
              Charles 4 M TN
               Issac 1 TN
1870 Macon Co Census
No John Allen Shrum listed

May have been in Civil War Shrum, John  TN 35th Inf. 3rd Co. F
Shrum, John  TN Conscr. (Cp. Of Instr.)

 xi. CHARLES COLEMAN SR. LEATH, b. May 22, 1832, Sumner Co. TN; d. May 01, 1916, Trousdale Co. TN; m. EMILY CAROLINE ELLIS.
 xii. PERMELIA J. LEATH, b. May 22, 1832; d. October 15, 1880, Trousdale Co. TN; m. JOHN C. HARGIS.


    Robert Rickman, born 1735, died 1777, was the son of Thomas Rickman.  His wife was Boyce Tatum, daughter of Nathaniel and Amelia Scott Tatum.  Their children were Mark, Joshua, Nathan, and Nancy.  Mark and his wife, Mary Harper Rickman, came to Tennessee from Rowan County, N. C. in 1787.  They first settled in Nashville, and in 1800 they bought a farm in the Templow area of what is now Trousdale County.
    They built a log home there, which is still standing.  Mark Rickman was born in 1762 and was a private in the Revolution.  He died in 1805, and he and his wife, Mary, are buried in the Willow Grove Cemetery, which was given to the Willow Grove Methodist Church by the Rickman family.
    The children of Mark and Mary were: William, born in 1787 and died in 1805, was unmarried.  Sallie, born in 1789 and died in 1869, married John Owen.  Elizabeth, born in 1791 and died in 1881, married Wm. Stovall.
Robert, born in 1794, and died in -, married Catherine Reed.  Nancy, born in 1797 and died in 1898, married Wm. Carter.  Frances, born in 1799 and died in _____ , married James Martin.  Rebecca, born in 1803 and died in _____ married Joel Stovall, Samuel Harper, born in 1805 and died in 1891, married Frances Henry.
    The children of Samuel Harper and Frances Rickman were: John Henry, born n 1852 and died in 1927, married first to Mattie Key and then to Ida Darwin.
 William Samuel born in 1866 and died in 1906, married Lucy Wood.  Mark D., born in 1849 and died in 1922, married Ella Mills.  Carney H., born in 1864and died in -, married Cora Pearson.  Betty, born in 1861 and died in ____ ,married Carey Nimmo.  Emma, born in 1859 and died in ____ , married M. H. Cocreham.  Louisa, born in 1847 and died in ____ , married John W. Ray.  The children of John Henry and Mattie Key Rickman were:  Odell Key, who married Maude L. Andrews.  Allene married B. H. Perkins.  Edith married Arthur Cooney.
    The son of John Henry and Ida D. Rickman, Joseph H., married Mary E. Watson.
    The children of Mark D. and Ella Mills were: Roy, who married Nan Hall and Mattie Lou who married Henry Smith.
    The children of Wm. Samuel and Lucy Wood Rickman were: Wood, who married Velva Brown.  Samuel did not marry.  Noel B. married Leonora Bratton.
    The child of Carney H. and Cora Rickman was Margaret who married Robert Hall.
    The children of Noel B. and Leonora Rickman are: Bob, who married Jane Ann Sparks.  Bill, who married Ruth Yates, and Sam, who married Amanda Atkinson.
    The son of Wood and Velva is William S., who married Jane Davis.
    The children of Odell and Maude L. Rickman are Odell (Buck) Rickman,  who married Josephine Exum and Rebecca, unmarried.
The children of Joe and Mary Rickman are: Mary Joe, who married Charles Butler and Ida Ann, who married James Watson.
    The children of William S. and Jane D. Rickman are: Judy, Janet, William S. Jr., and Robert.
    The children of Bill and Ruth Rickman are: Mary Lisa, and Ara.
    The children of Sam and Amanda Rickman are: Keith and Amanda Joy.

                                               By Joe Rickman the Trousdale County history Book


Marcus "Mark" Douglas Rickman; b August 18, 1849 d January 24, 1922 m June 18, 1873 in Sumner County, TN.  The Rickman Homeplace is still standing and owned by Bill and Sarah Cusak, across from the Willow Grove Methodist Church in the Templow Community.
    His parents were Samuel Harper Rickman b January 27, 1805 d March 8, 1891 and Frances Elmira Henry b July 13, 1829 d May 6, 1897 m November 5, 1846.  His grandparents were Marcus "Mark" and Mary Harper Rickman and great-grandparents Robert and Boyce Tatum Rickman.  Marcus was the second of nine children: (1) Louisa M. b August 25 1847 m John W. Ray.
(2) John Henryb February 14, 1852 m

(1st) Mattie E. Key
(2nd) Ida Darwin Payne
(3) SallieRickman b June 1 1854 - Unmarried
(4) Bobbie Rickman b November 15, 1856-unmarried
(5) Nancy Emma b February 22, 1859 m M. M. Cocreaham
(6) MaryBettie b February 15, 1861 m Wilson Carey Nimmo
(7) Carney H. B. b April 6,1864 m Cora Pearson
(8) William S. b September 26, 1866 m Lucie Wood.
    Marcus married Cinderella "Ella" Mills b February 18, 1851 d August 3, 1930 m June 1873 in Sumner County.  Ella was the daughter of Louis Green Mills b February 9, 1813 d July 25, 1890 and Isabella Jane Sidons b April 8, 1847 d June 9, 1895 m March 6, 1845.  Ella was the third of nine children:
(1) Benjamin F. b 1847 d 1847
(2) Gabrella b 1850 m
(1st) Dr. Willie Wilson
(2nd) Zan Troutt
(3) John Jefferson b December 28, 1852 d 1873 unmarried
(4) Frank Siddons died in childhood
(5) Mary "Molly" b 1859 m Hezekiah
Gardner Beard
(6) James b 1857 d 1857
(7) Sophia Malvira b 1861 m Edgar R.  Jolle
(8) Georgianna b August 22, 1864 m B. Y. Morris.

    Marcus and Ella Rickman had three children:
(1) Mattie Lou b February 27, 1874 d February 6, 1966 m

(1st) Euclid Kirby
(2nd) Henry Clay Smith
(2) Robert Marvin b December 7, 1877 d December 1, 1881
(3) Leroy Mills b October 4, 1886 d June 6, 1967 m Nancy "Nan" Harriet Hall b May 1, 1888 d March 31,
    Mattie Lou had one daughter, Alma by Mr. Kirby and she and Mr. Smith had a son, Jack, and a daughter, Corinne, who married James Davenport.
    Marcus was first in the sawmill business and in 1896 he built a model flourmill with a capacity of 100 barrels of flour daily.  In connection with this mill, he also operates a corn mill and shipped meal and flour to all the territory within reach of Hartsville.  In 1909 he was elected a member of the State Legislature, and in 1912 was re-elected.  Mr. Rickman was a Mason and served as Worshipful Master in 1903 and 1911.  He and his family were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

                                                By Margaret Rickman the Trousdale County History Book

Early Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850, taken from surviving original bonds and licenses.

Rickman, David H. & Henry, Peggy 8 September 1818 Bondsman Henry, Samuel
Rickman, David H.  & Tucker, Mary 10 October 1836 Bondsman Tucker, Jesse
Rickman, J. A.  &  Seawell, M. T. 28 August 1837
Rickman, James N.  &   Tucker, Perliney 28 October 1844 Bondsman  Rickman, Marcus
Rickman, James N.  &   Henry, Nancy E. 20 March 1849 Bondsman Stovall, A. F.
Rickman, John S.  &   Meador, Malvina 12 September 1830 Bondsman Meador, Thomas
Rickman, Robert  &   Reid, Catharine 2 February 1818 Bondsman White, Robert & Shelby, A. B.
Rickman, Thomas   &  Henry, Polly 2 November 1811 Bondsman Henry, William
Rickmon, Samuel H.   &   Henry, Frances E. 31 October 1846 Bondsman Carter, John W.
Rickman, Ann T. Tucker,   &   William 2 January 1828 Bondsman Seawell, Robert H. & Henry, Elihu
Rickman, Betsey   &  Stovall, William 3 November 1814 Bondsman Stovall, George
Rickman, Jane H. Tucker, Garrett 9 October 1830 Bondsman Rickman, Samuel
Rickman, Malinda E.   &  Seawell, Wyllie B. 8 September 1834
Rickman, Malvina   &  Tucker, John S. 27 November 1837
Rickman, Margaret   &  Seawell, Benjamin C. 3 February 1825 Bondsman Seawell, Hardy H.
Rickman, Nancy   &  Carter, William 29 July 1822 Bondsman Dalton, John
Rickman, Nancy W.   &  Oglesby, John 3 April 1833
Rickman, S. A.   &  Seawell, W. N. 26 June 1837
Rickman, Sally H.   &  Tucker, Dixon 21 December 1825 Bondsman Higgason, Samuel D.

1850 Sumner County, TN Census
14 182 Rickman, Elizabeth 39 F
14 182 Rickman, Elmira F. 22 F
14 181 Rickman, James N. 28 M
14 182 Rickman, Luiza M. 3 F
14 182 Rickman, Marcus 41 M
14 182 Rickman, Marcus D. 1 M
14 182 Rickman, Margaret E. 6 F
14 182 Rickman, Martha 52 F
14 181 Rickman, Mary E. 4/12 F
14 181 Rickman, Nancy E. 18 F
14 182 Rickman, Nelly P. 8 F
14 182 Rickman, Samuel 45 M
14 181 Rickman, William T. 18 M

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