Colonial Milita

The Early Years

Pre-Revolutionary Years

The Early Years
John Prettyman was employed as a soldier.
On Lieutent General of Maryland on  September 3, 1642 issued a Proclamation that Sesquihanowes, Wicomeses, and Nantacoque Indians are enemies of the Proprietary (Maryland) and ordered an expedition against them. We know that John Prettiman was a member of this expedition as he was one of the ones that an account was submitted for pay.  The expedition was under the command of Sergeant Will Macifenin.   Captain Corwaleys furnished powder, bulletts and lead for the expediation.
In November 1642, Mathias de Sousa made oath as follows:

"about March was twelvemonth he was appointed by Mr. Pulton to goe in his pinace as skipper & trader to the
Sesquihanoughs & by him appointed to hire men at Kent [Kent Island] for the voyage, & that he would write to Mr.  Brent to assist him in it & that at his coming to Kent with the knowledge & consent of Mr. Brent he hired John Prettiman to goe upon the voyage, & that he hired him for 200 tob. P month, and that accordingly John Prettiman was out vpon the voyage 2 Months (within 3. Daies) & that by his meanes & presence he verily beleeveth the pinace & men were saved at that time from destruction by the Sesquihanowes.

Source :
Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1636 1647

1641 - Mathias De Sousa, an African indentured servant who came from England with Lord Baltimore, is elected to Maryland's General Assembly.

Pre-Revolutionary Years
Ebenezer Jones was a sergeant in the footmen under Captain Joseph Dirickson's in the Maryland milita in 1749.

Thomas Jones was a private in the footmen under Captain Joseph Dirickson's in the Maryland milita in 1749.

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