Fat Lazy Dragons
Teacher Guide

I am working on a "teacher's guide" because I have come to believe a teacher could use it to teach critical thinking skills. Feel free to use it, if you are teacher. This will take a while to finish. Please feel free to make suggestions. The dates below show when the various sections were added or last updated.

Project History (3/23/2009)

Characters (3/21/2009)

Book One - Quiver, the Brown Dragon (3/21/2009)

Book Two - Track, the Blue Dragon (3/21/2009)

Book Three - Cuz, the Green Dragon (3/24/2009)

Book Four - Slant, the Purple Dragon (3/28/2009)

Book Five - Begg, the Red Dragon (4/13/2009)

Book Six - Slope, the Yellow Dragon (4/15/2009)

Book Seven - Compo, the White Dragon (8/26/2011)

There is no Perf, the Black Dragon discussion because the logic is explained as they go because of the game they invent.

Low Check Terminology (4/15/2009)

Summary of Lies (3/21/2009)

Alphabetical Listing of Fallacies by Dragon Color (3/21/2009)