Fat Lazy Dragons

These were contributed by readers. Mail me yours and if my scanner will turn it into something I can post, I will. E-mail it to me and that will save me a step. Contributor names are not shown due to parental concerns. If you want you name to be shown with your illustration, I will need very explicit instructions.

Title Page


M. Fee * Bowl E. * Pass Key * High Key * Luggage "Just call me Lug" Key * All under a fog
Refrigerator, two snails, two horns, bird, monkey, donkey and cloud of fog


Tract, the Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon


Cuz, the Green Dragon, sleeping on her tree
Dragon sleeping on Tree


The Lair of the Green Dragon, Cuz
Very tall trees above fallen tree with vine on it


Fire Breathing Dragon (Mal?)
Fire breathing dragon


Fibber, the black lizard
A fat black lizard


The Lair of Slant, the Purple Dragon, in an amethyst mine
Amethyst Mine


Low Dead and Bogus D. Lemon
Two Black Buzzards


Fire Mountains
Two volcanoes, one spewing rocks


Dragon Soldiers
Two Dragon Soldiers


Perfidy, the Black Dragon
Black Dragon with colorful face